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First full moon of 2012 taken on January 8.
Photo by Laura Doring

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To reserve the pavilion or ball fields at the Preble Park, please visit the calendar and reservation pages:


211 Cortland


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First full moon of 2012 taken on January 8.

News & Notices

Notice of Cancellation

The Town of Preble has cancelled its Thursday, February 4, 2016 Zoning Board Authority meeting due to the lack of an agenda.

Dated: January 31,2016

Deborah Putman,Recording Secretary

Notice of Special Board Meeting

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a special meeting of the Preble Town Board will be held on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. at the Preble Town Hall, Preble Road, Preble, New York, for the purpose of opening bids for the construction of the Preble Highway Garage, and such other and further items that may come before the Board.

Dated:  January 19, 2016
Jane Davenport, Town Clerk

Legal Notice - Parking Ordinance

Ordinance prohibiting parking on all Town Roads during the period of November 1st to April 1st each year:

Be it ordained that in order to facilitate the removal of snow and ice from the Town Roads, there shall be no parking of any vehicles on any Town Highway during the period of November 1st to April 1st of each year. The owner of any vehicle parked in violation of the ordinance shall be guilty of a violation and subject to a fine of $ 25.00 for the first offense and $ 50.00 for a second or subsequent violation. In addition to the forgoing, any vehicle found to be parked on a Town Highway in violation of this ordinance may be removed by the Town Superintendent of Highways and the cost of said removal shall be paid by the owner of the vehicle.

By Order of the Town Board,
Jeffrey Griswold, Highway Superintendent
Jane Davenport, Town Clerk

Legal Notice - Seasonal Limited Use Highway

Chapter 489 of the Laws of 1975 added a new section, S205-A, to the Highway Law. The new section authorizes the Town Highway Superintendents to designate any Highway without occupied residents or commercial buildings dependent upon the road for access, as a “seasonal limited use highway”. Upon such designation the roads must be appropriately so posted. Snow and ice removal and maintenance may be temporarily discontinued from December 1st until April 1st upon any such highway. The text of the new provision follows: S205-A Seasonal Limited Use Highway.

1. The Town Highway Superintendent is authorized to designate a Town Highway as a seasonal limited use highway.

2. Seasonal limited use highways shall be those Town Highways without occupied residences or commercial buildings dependent upon such highways for access.

3. Seasonal limited use highways shall be appropriately posted.

2. The Town is authorized to temporarily discontinue snow and ice removal and maintenance from the first day of December until the first day of April on any highway so designated.

I, Jeffrey Griswold, Town of Preble Highway Superintendent, do hereby designate the following Town Roads as seasonal limited use Highways: Campbell Road, Cemetery Road, Dawson Road, East Hill Road, East of turn around to Dawson Road, Foley Road, Maycumber Road, Preble Hill Road, Hill on Wright Road, Maple Ridge Road from Seasonal Sign to the Town Line and Vormwald Road.

Jeffrey Griswold, Highway Superintendent
Jane Davenport, Town Clerk

Minutes Recently Posted

Community Survey for Preble Gateway Concept

Please take a few moments to give us feedback on your priorities for the Preble Gateway. Fill out survey now

Preble Food Pantry

Your help is needed. The Preble Community Food Pantry is in need of canned vegetables such as corn, peas, carrots, and mixed vegetables. You may drop off donations on Sunday mornings at the Preble Congregational Church or call Lou at 607-749-2250 to arrange drop off or pick up at other times.

More information about Preble Food Pantry news is now found in Other Community Services.

2015 Tentative Assessment Roll Town of Preble

View at Cortland County Real Property Tax website

Town Hall Renovations

The Town Hall Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning renovation work is now completed. Photovoltaic cells have been installed on the rooftop. The public can view the photo electrical production for the building at Sunny Portal.

Project Slide Show

Preble Showcased on CNY Energy Challenge web site

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