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Preble Meeting Videos
Preble Meeting Videos

LN=Legal Notice
PH=Public Hearing
SP=Special Meeting

Preble Employee Work Day Resolution

Preble Parking Ordinance


January 9 min
February 13 min
March 13 min
April 10 min


January 11 min audio
January 11 PH L Law A
January 11 PH L Law B
February 8 min audio
March 1 min audio SP
March 14 min audio
March 28 min SP
April 11 min
May 9 min
June 13 min
July 11 min
August 8 min
September 12 min
October 10 min
October 19 min SP L Law
November 10 min PH L Law
November 10 min PH Budget
November 14 min
December 12 min
December 27 min


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Preble Town Board

The Preble Town Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Town Hall, 1968 Preble Road.


Meeting Dates for Preble Town Board for 2017:

Supervisor: James Doring

Deputy Supervisor: Linda Riehlman

Town Board: