Preble NY

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Preble Fire Department Auxiliary

The Preble Fire Department Auxiliary was formed in 1954 to assist the firemen by providing refreshments at time of a fire or any other time help was needed. When it was originally started there were over 40 members. Some of them are still very actively involved members at this time. The by-laws were changed a few years ago so a person does not have to be related to a Preble Fire Department member to belong to the Auxiliary.

Over the years, the group has held minstrel shows, auctions, and bake sales. They've assisted at Field Days and have continued to make and deliver Christmas baskets for Preble shut-ins. Whatever they do, they have fun!

The Auxiliary meetings are held the 3rd Monday of the month at Preble Fire Station. Meetings start at 7 pm. We would like you to join us!