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Have you been wondering where your old friends and neighbors have ended up after all these years? Or maybe you'd like to let others know what you've been up to. Submit your message now!

Brandon Doring
City/State: XiangYang, Hubei, China
Message: Hi Dad! Cool website!
Date Posted: 2017-05-04

Pamela L. Poulin
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: What a perfect picture of the Preble Park complete with full rainbow! A great kick-off the wonderful Preble Summer Programs for the youth of Preble!
Date Posted: 2016-09-06

Denise Tourot Smith
City/State: Constantia NY
Message: So pleased to find this site. I grew up in Preble Tully area 1957 to 1975. My Dad Charles "Charlie" Tourot was a member of the Preble Fire Department. He was a member of the Preble Fire Department and hose team Preble Swamp Rats, and brought my brother and I to quite a few of the Hose Races. My Dad passed 21 yrs ago and I still have his Swamp Rat Jacket. I'm cherishing photos. My wish is that someone out there has photos of these races say from 1965 to 1975, that may contain a picture of my Dad. Thanks for your help, love the website. xoxo
Date Posted: 2016-06-07

Katherine M. (Jenney) Lowden
City/State: Spafford, NY
Message: Great site. I happen to be looking up some things on the internet and found this site. I even see my dad, Edward E. Jenney signed the guestbook as well. He has since passed away. Preble is my old stomping ground as I grew up on Song Lake. Memories of Bill's bait shop, the Preble store and penny candy, Preble Hotel, frog pulls, Parades etc etc etc. My plan is to buy the plot right next to my dad in the cemetery; grew up there and will be laid to rest there. Always a Preble/Tully girl forever.
Date Posted: 2016-05-03

Pam Poulin
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: This is such a fantastic website! I learned a lot! Thank you for all the information and the hard work that went into making and contributing new information to it!

Judi Murphy
City/State: New Britain, CT
Message: Anyone from preble , please email me as I would love to chat with fellow Preble -ites!! I have lived in 6 states. I graduated from Tully Central High School in 1968. My sister Sue Murphy Harrington owns the Bargain Barn on Otisco Valley Road. I was friends with Elaine Martens and they had the Boat Livery on Otisco Lake. My grand parents the Murphys used to live at the farm now called the Bargain Barn and my grandfather James Hopkins and wife Nina had a red house on Otisco Lake next to the Martens Boat Livery. I would love to chat and talk to anyone , this would be just awesome !!
Date Posted: 2016-01-15

Doug Snyder
City/State: Smyrna, DE
Message: My family lived in Preble in the late 50's at the big white house on the corner of Preble Road and I think Rt 281. Anyway I remember Buzzy Baldwin who had a cool '54 powder blue Merc. I remember Woody's garage. Woody lived across the street from our house and I remember playing with his kids Royce and Wesley. Anyone know what ever happend to these people? I also remember attending the little two room school house which is not the town hall. I was in third & forth grade while living in Preble and both grades were in the same room of the school. Our teacher was Mrs Strong who I learned after we moved had died. The other room teacher at that time was Mrs. Leroy. I still remember her 1956 green Pontiac she drove to school. We played in the yard behind the school for recess and actually took turns ringing a bell to signal recess was over.
Date Posted: 2014-06-21

Frederick S Baldwin
City/State: Charleston SC
Message: The 1825 census lists my family in Preble... Silas Baldwin et al. My great grandfather Silas is buried there as is his brother George. We lived in Syracuse/ Fayetteville but had a camp on Tully Lake from 1919 until about a decade ago. Any Baldwin still left in Preble? Silas married Nancy Manchester, also an early Preble family from New England.
Date Posted: 2014-06-05

Denise M Preble Obst
City/State: Fleetwood, PA
Message: I'm thinking about heading to Preble, NY, for a photography outing sometime this summer. Looking forward to visiting a town bearing my maiden name.
Date Posted: 2014-03-25

Beverly Marshall Strausser
City/State: Arlington TX
Message: Just recently learned my 3rd grandfather was probably born and lived in your area. Henry L Marshall. I will be looking forward to being in touch with your group to learn all I can about my family. Thank you in advance for all I know you help me.
Date Posted: 2013-11-22

Phil Wetmore
City/State: Houston, TX
Message: Hello everyone there in Preble. I was born and lived there for more than 20 years. I even delivered the "Syracuse Hearld American" for several years. I have many fond memories of my years in Preble. My sister's and I still own the house there across from the cemetery entrance. I moved to the Houston area in 1985. I am a retired educator. I would love to hear from other people there. The website is great! Thank you for putting it together.
Date Posted: 2013-06-03

Pat Aungier
City/State: Houston, TX
Message: Hello fellow Swamp Rats! Preble is such a great place. I grew up with Frog Pulls, fast-pitch softball, fireman field days, foosball at the hotel, skiing at Song, pancake breakfast at the firehouse, swimming at the gravel pit, sleeping out summer nights, working with the Knapps (I think Bob Knapp hired the whole town!). Some of the people around at the time - Jackie Stage, John Simon and Bert Davenport, Dave & Bill Sears, Dennis, John, Steve & Ed Morgan, Charlie Morgan, Mike Fox, Dan Vossler, Skeeter Buck and Tar Thomas, Phil Knapp, Max Skeens, and clans of Baldwins, Pitman, Potters, Knapps, and Stegers. Frankly, when I compare raising my kids in Houston there's no comparison. Preble was a ton of fun!
Date Posted: 2013-01-21

Eric Christopherson
City/State: Lafayette, NY
Thanks for having a guest book for Town of Preble.
Date Posted: 2012-09-15

Jennifer Aldrich
City/State: Green Bay, WI
My ancesters are from Preble, NY. They came from England descendants of George Aldrich in the 1640's. My ancester Chauncey Aldrich moved from Preble to Green Bay and purchased land there and named the township Preble, which is where the high school received its name. I wonder if anyone knows of any Aldrich's there or any records of the Aldrich family? Please feel free to email me.
Date Posted: 2012-07-18

Chris Land aka D. Bruno
City/State: Macon, GA
This is for Janice Pittman, met and loved her while in the Navy. Janice was shipped to Japan only hours of my trying to reach her. I have been looking for her..for years. I am on facebook if you get this message. My heart has never forgotten you.
Date Posted: 2012-04-06

David S Krewson
City/State: Casa Grande AZ
My family comes from Preble. My grandfather taught school there. His name was David Currie and his wife my grandmother was Sarah Nye. My mother was Ruth Currie-Thorick. Preble is a great place to live. I plan to come back someday. My wife and I plan to be buried in Elmwood cemetery. Love Preble NY.
Date Posted: 2012-03-21

Sharon Rogers
I just discovered that the name Preble was a French name Preville and when moving from France to England it changed to Preble! There is a town in France and French Canada called Preville. My GreatGreatGrandfather Don Alfonso Segur when landed in America lived in Preble NY. I have found 2 other Segurs that landed there before taking off to the west.They were French but I believe lived in Germany for a while. I have found some of the Segurs in Minn. and Wis. - they were in Wis. when it was owned by the French! I wonder why they came to Preble? I would love to unfold this mystery of my pretty little French grandmother Lottie Lee Segur!
Date Posted: 2011-11-28

Rev. Merle D. and Bonnie Brown
City/State: VA
For 35 years we ministered in Preble as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church and we're trying to adjust to the southern Virginia area. We do miss the people. I just want to thank the Preble residents for giving us the opportunity to make acquaintances and several friends through the years. I hope that we had a positive influence in the community. We will not forget "the valleys and hills" and the people who reside there. From time to time we will try to plan our returns during special events so that we will have opportunity to see most.
Date Posted: 2011-11-03

Lori Beth Twentyman Dalton
City/State: Las Vegas, NV
I have a client with the last name of Preble and did a Google Search to see what I could find about Preble NY to show him and found this website. I always love coming home in the summer on vacation and singing at Preble Congregational Church. I have sung internationally and there is no place I have ever sung where my voice sounds better than that musician husband agrees....amazing acoustics!
Date Posted: 2011-09-13

Danae Parcells Ward
City/State: Palm Beach Gardens FL
I grew up in Tully, my Father, Curt Parcells, was the Highway Superintendent in Preble for many years. I remember people always saying they had to stay on Curt's good side or they would be digging their car out of a snowbank! I have a lot of good memories, Memorial Day Parades and Lilac bushes...Preble Hotel and the Frog Pulls, I still talk of them now and I have been in Florida for 30 some years. Always a Tully/Preble girl at heart...
Date Posted: 09-07-2011

Jane E. Preble
City/State: Ellicott City MD
On the way to Syracuse, my son and daughter-in-law came across the Preble sign on the highway this weekend. Although I was aware of many places named after the Prebles, I did not know of your town. My Dad's relatives (Maine) were related to Abraham and Jedidiah Preble, and Commodore Preble's uncle. Hope to visit your town some day!
Date Posted: 06-26-2011

Jan VanNess
City/State: Syracuse, NY
Looking for birth records of a Jonas B White born in Preble 1878. Can anyone help me out?
Date Posted: 06-25-2011

Pat Karkowski
Hi, I just stumbled upon this website!! I'm Pat (Morgan) Karkowski. Lived in Preble all my life til 1972 then came back and lived til 1991. Great to see some of the people I grew up with on here. Yes, Preble had its problems but we also had a lot of good memories. The *Pond* where kids hung out there all day long and then at the end of the season had a party. The Girl Scouts with Esther Winslow and Ginny Griswold, our trips to NYC and Washington D.C. Good times and great memories!! A real nice site. Thanks!!
Date Posted: 12-08-2010

Tarki Heath
Special thanks to Jim Doring and Deb Brock for the "Preble Today," newsletter. I truly enjoyed reading the history of the current Town Hall and Post Office. Putting the newsletter together takes extra effort on your part, so please know that it really does help keep us all connected.
Date Posted: 11-24-2010

Christine Anderson LaRosa
I grew up in Little York and still get down there often from Syracuse to visit my father, Robert. Growing up in Little York was small town Americana… We had the lake, a general store, post office, gas station, Ander-Lan and the farm market. I would love to see old pictures of the Little York Hotel, Websters and even Ander-Lan.

It was and still is a wonderful little town which I appreciate now than many years ago… Everyone knew everyone and we all felt very safe. Never had to lock the house or car… My cousins, sisters and myself would go swimming at the dam and never had to worry about getting hurt, and we were totally unsupervised !!! We swam from 8 in the morning til dinner time. It was always crowded with area kids and a lot of kids from Homer and Cortland… Oh the good ‘ole days !!!

I don’t know a lot about the history of Little York except when my grandfather Richard came from Joliet, IL and settled there… the house that my grandparents lived in is now the “Frog Pond”… (Maybe it’s good that they’re not here to see that !) I know the house that my father lives in and the barn were built in the 1800’s and still standing… It was a shame that the hotel burned down… I knew Ruthie and Bud Hall that owned it at one time…

I’d appreciate any news; photos you could send me… Isn’t there some type of brochure/magazine that tells the history of Cortland County that’s for sale ??
Date Posted: 08-18-2010

Brian Barron
Nice website. My boyhood church through the 50s & 60s was the beautiful Preble Congregational Church - Sunday School and choir - lived on Little York Lake - hiked on Mt. Toppin - skied on Song Mountain - great memories.
Date Posted: 06-28-10

Freddy Valentino Sr.
City/State: CA
I miss the old friends. It has been awhile; went to sunny Ca. in 1965.
Date Posted: 04-03-2010

Randy Davis
City/State: Palmyra NY
Hi, I'm Randy. I grew up in Preble, was there from about '57 to '75. I'm dropping a line to let anyone interested know I've started a Group Page on Facebook. (Preble N.Y. 13141) is that group page. I also borrowed the picture from this page, hope I didn't step on any toes in doing so. I'm sorry if I did, let me know and I'll change it if you wish. I hope to hear from you.
Date Posted: 04-03-2010

Valarie Blasko
City/State: Rock Island IL
Message: Hi my name is Valarie. My great grandfather was a John Dobbins from Preble who married a Sarah Griffin of Truxton. John had a sister Margeret who married a Judah Currie. I was wondering if there's any family remaining in the area. My grandfather was a Floyd Dobbins who was born in Michigan.
Date Posted: 11-30-09

Ken Austin
City/State: Erin, NY
Message: Just found this site while surfing the net on a rainy fall afternoon. After growing up in Tully & Homer, my wife & I moved to Preble with our two boys in the late 70s - early 80s. But as happens in life, we eventually moved away. Now we often wonder what ever became of our old friends from Preble, and I miss our life on the farm up there.
Date Posted: 10-08-09

Arthur E Preble
City/State: Kutztown, PA
Message: I have been through this town and by it numerous times and always wondered about its history. Earlier this year my brother visited there for the bi-centennial, and he and his wife were treated very nicely. I hope to visit there myself one day soon.
Date Posted: 08-25-08

C. Britany (Welch) Norwood
City/State: Richmond,VA
Message: I grew up in Preble, NY. And I never really thought I would ever miss that place. However, I do. I don't miss the snow (maybe on Christmas Day.) But my fondest memories are growing up on Corl Drive. I always thought that if I ever had children, that was the street I wanted to live on. My oldest sister Beth, lives in my family home, I guess she beat me to it. But, I am happy to say I have family still there. And I come home as often as I can. Preble, NY is one of those tiny towns that one must visit. When we come home to visit, my husband is amazed at how beautiful a small town can look. Preble will always be my home. It is a memory that I will never forget.
Date Posted: 04-08-07

Grant Cannon
City/State: Pensacola FL
Message: I want to visit Preble, because I met the nicest person from there. She is a wonderful Christian woman, and always brings a smile to every conversation, so I want to meet her in her town. I believe she comes from a town that demonstates the qualities of the Empire state. I look forward to meeting her and her town.
Date Posted: 03-27-07

Spring (Preble) Winters
City/State: Ocklawaha, FL
Message: Just looking for Preble (my maiden name) and came across this site. It looks like a really nice town, I would like to move there.
Date Posted: 02-03-07

Preble Paustian
Message: Googled my first name (Preble) and low and behold...there is a town in New York? Next time I visit Delaware...I'm gonna make a side trip to your town...I can't wait to pick up some souvenir....Love your web site! Thank you.
Date Posted: 01-25-07

Barb (Barrows) Fields
City/State: Daytona Beach, FLl
Message: Hi, I've been out of touch but I would like to hear from some of you. I miss Preble and the small town atmosphere. I remember some of us girls hiking up the mountain and messing around in the creek and the caves. Yes, Halloween was a lot of fun and all the other things that went on in Preble. Someday I will return for a visit. Love to hear from you. The site is great.
Date Posted: 1/10/07

Rachel Preble
City/State: Safety Harbor, FL
Message: Hi, my name is Rachel Preble. I am 10 and I live in Safety Harbor, Florida. This past summer in 2006 my family and I went on a trip to New England. One place that we went to was Boston, Massachusetts. When we were there we got to see Commodore Edward Preble's picture on the wall in Fanueil Hall. We also went to Commodore Preble's grave in Portland, Maine.
Date Posted: 12-13-06

Monica Preble Casey
City/State: Knoxville, TN
Message: This is very interesting to me to hear how many Prebles are out there. Like other guests, when growing up, I thought there were VERY LITTLE of us. Go figure?! I grew up in Virginia. I'll check back periodically to see who else is added to the list! Thanks.
Date Posted: 11-04-06

Pennie Call Preble
City/State: Woodworth, LA
Message: How ironic that my father's family (the Call's) have many family members from the Preble, Cortland, & surrounding areas; I spend the majority of my childhood summers at Lake Otisco only to find myself married to a Preble from the bayou state of Louisiana? I have many fond memories of great times at Otisco, Song Mountain, Labrador as well as Little York Lake. Hello to all my "kin-folk" who still live in the area. I heard the reunion was a blast. My husband's family originated from somewhere in Minnesota & there aren't very many Prebles in Louisiana so perhaps some of the signees on the guestbook might be related to Jonathan Vernon Preble in some way - please email me if that name rings a bell.
Date Posted: 09-07-06

Bill Kinne
City/State: Tully, NY
Message: I grew up in Tully but spent lots of time in Preble. My grandmother was raised on the road that goes up the hill to the back of Song Mt. Her name was Jeanette Root. Anybody have any info. about this family?
Date Posted: 08-15-06

Richard D. Bean
City/State: Churchville, NY
Message: I would like to know if the Baptist church has records of their members going back to 1924 and how I may obtain this information This is for my genealogy and personal use only and would be a great help .I await your answer. My son William Bean and family lives in Tully, N.Y.
Date Posted: 06-22-06

Anne Henderson-Preble Historian
City/State: Preble NY
Message: In 1906 the schoolhouse pictured on this website was built. Today it is home to the local post office and town offices. The town will celebrate the 100th year of this structure on Sunday, August 13 from 1 to 5pm. The building will be open to visitors and hopefully former students who attended the school at sometime in their lives. There will be refreshments and a time to sit under a tent and visit behind the building where the playground was. If you or someone in your family went to this school, please let me know and try to come and join us this summer.
Date Posted: 06-19-06

Ann Wunderle
City/State: Wesley Chapel, FL
Message: I used to live in Preble in the grey house at 1981 Preble Rd for the years 1986-1990. I have lived 4 places since then, and am now in the center of FL, but always recall Preble as my favorite town. I think it's the people that kept me smiling while I lived there. They were all so kind to take me into their church, hearts, and lives. I remember feeling very at home there for my brief time. If anyone is still there who remembers me and my son, Justin, we'd love to hear from you. Justin is 25 now and living in Atlanta, GA. My daughter (I had her the year I left Preble in 1990) is 16. Time flies. I love your website! Kudo's to all the high-sprited, forward-thinking people of Preble!! Regards, Ann
Date Posted: 05-22-06

City/State: Little York, NY
Message: Does anyone have any old pictures or any information on the barn that is now Dave's Archery in Little York? I would love to see some pictures of what it used to look like there, or what it was used for. Also, does anyone have any old pictures or information for the barn on East Homer Baltimore Road in Preble? I heard that it was once a sawmill, and then it housed cows. If anyone has any information on either of these, I would love to hear it, and I would really love to see some old pictures of them both. Please contact me if you have either. Thank you very much.
Date Posted: 04-17-06

Dave Bregard
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: Does anyone know what is going in on the old Saulsbury Fire Truck Co. building?
Date Posted: 04-06-06

Roger M. Preble
City/State: Homosassa, FL
Message: Been thru Preble NY many times. Often wondered if I was related to your namesake. Great web site. Thank you.
Date Posted: 03-24-06

Leslie Pitman-Flynn
City/State: Lexington, KY
Message: My cousin Lloyd Pitman is from Preble. I just wanted to say your site is neat. Does anyone know Lloyd, he is older and was in the Korean War. He is a good man!
Date Posted: 03-15-06

Dave Bregard
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: Me and my wife (Barb Reynolds) just moved back to the area after I retired from the service just tring to find a place to hang our hats now. Got married in Preble in 1976.
Date Posted: 03-05-05

Jennifer Pribble
City/State: Indianapolis IN
Message: Just poking around on the Internet doing some "research" about the history of my name (Pribble is one of the many derivatives of Preble). It seems a lot of other people have done the same thing. Best wishes.
Date Posted: 10-04-05

Marty Warner
City/State: Stevensville, MI
Message: I have known for some time that our family line includes Commodor Edward Preble. His great-grandfather and great-grandmother are in my direct blood line. His grandfather was Josuah Warner who was Dr. Jonathon Warner's brother. Dr. Jonathon is in my direct blood line. I found out all of this by doing a family history for my 6th grade daughter's school project. I am interested if the town's history includes the reasoning as to what prompted the town to be named after Commodor Preble. Can anyone answer this? Please e-mail me. Thank you.
Date Posted: 03-31-05

Message: great site
Date Posted: 03-31-05

Shirley A. Young
City/State: Cartersville, GA
Message: I am a descendant of Abraham Preble, our family stayed in the Dover-Foxcroft, Sebec area..It's wonderful to find all of those Prebles out there..My mother, Dorothy Anna Preble--daughter of Clayton Preble, son of Christopher, son of Henry, son of John, son of Edward, son of Ebenezer, son of Captain Edward, son of Abraham, son of Nathanial, son of Abraham and Judith Tilden, son of Robert of County Kent.
Date Posted: 02-28-05

Preble Polk
City/State: Rosebud, TX
Message: I was just browsing to see if I could find out where my name came from. My first name is Preble. I have met of one other and heard of a few more.
Date Posted: 02-24-05

Karen Lang
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: We own a great house on Little York Lake to rent for your next visit to Preble. Please visit our website to find out more-We'd love for you to reconnect with the past.
Date Posted: 02-09-05

Warren Campbell
City/State: West Milford, NJ
Message: Was looking up my girlfriend, Melanie (Mosher) Sheutz, and found this site. Another reason to push for her to change the name back. Anyways, hello to all the locals I have yet to meet!
Date Posted: 01-17-05

Timothy J. Preble
City/State: Mound, MN
Message: Hello to all the Preble's out there. I was raised in Anoka Minnesota and all the time growing up I never heard the name Preble outside my own family, so learning about a town in New York by the same name as well as the guestbook has made me realize that there are many more of us then I ever thought.
Date Posted: 01-06-05

John C. Preble
City/State: Prairie Village, KS
Message: Grandson of Theodore Edward Preble from Cuba, KS.
Date Posted: 11-19-04

Paul VanDenburg
City/State: Albuquerque NM
Message: My father was Hollis. My grandfather was Willian D & and my greatgrandfather Willian has a NY state historical in Preble. But I see no record of him in Preble history.
Date Posted: 09-15-04

David R. Long
City/State: Ellsworth, ME
Message: I found this sight just this afternoon. I lived on Mount Toppin Rd. and on 281 for most of my life. I have many good memeries of hunting with my good friend Roy Dellow on Mt. Toppin. Preble is where my daughter Suzanne chose to live and raise her family. Now they are making memories like I did. Miss it. And, visit when ever I can. Love the w-sight!! David

Bonney & Lizz
City/State: Rochester NY
Message: We just found out that an old friend of ours may live in Preble...if anyone knows Robert E Shutts... please contact us... we'd love to hear from him. Thanks a bunch!
Date Posted: 05-24-04

John Preble
City/State: Weatherford, TX
Message: I have wondered about this town on and off for years - now I am finally able to connect with the people of the town. Great!!!
Date Posted: 04-22-04

Judy Billups Ripley
City/State: Lakeland, FL
Message: I'm sure that most of you don't remember me. My dad was Joe Billups, minister to the only church in town. When I think of Preble there are good thoughts. Woody's, Wright's Store, the skating rink behind the firehouse. We lived there between 1959-1964. Mom was a teacher at Tully School, I haven't been back in quite a while. My family and I lived in Otisco for 32 yrs. After my husband's death Oct 2002, I moved to Florida. To continue with the dreams we had. We were married for 34 yrs. and have 2 children, Mark and Kimberly. We are also blessed with two grand-daughters. It's nice to see my old hometown having its own website. The best to all.
Date Posted: 03-04-04

Comp & Marsh
City/State: Preble NY
Message: Sometime we like to go to Preble to visit our friends MillDogg and Carm, and go to Tully BK to stalk them :)
Date Posted: 01-20-04

Shawn Preble
City/State: NH
Message: I was breezing through my last name and had no idea that there was a town. I would love to find out more and be able to visit. Looking foward to it.
Date Posted: 11-13-03

Tina Withers (Trammel)
City/State: Lawton, OK (for now)
Message: I'm Brad Withers' little sister. Loved growing up in Preble - learning to swim at the local hole. Brad was a raiser of caine, as was I, but now am an Army veteran and wife moving every 2 years or so. Hope to move back and raise my 2 children after we retire. Beautiful landscape is what is drawing me back.
Date Posted: 11-10-03

Ed Morgan
City/State: Neenah WI
Message: I'm a former resident of the hamlet of Preble! I lived there off and on from 1967 to 1991! And I miss it very much because of the closeness of the community! I miss people like Jeff Griswold and Tom Fox and definitely Betty Ann Pitman, because I know she is a very dedicated person! Whether it's the community or the Fire Service!
Date Posted: 11-02-03

David Preble
E-mail: blueyes673@yahoo
City/State: Moberly MO
Message: This is really cool. I hope I can vist some time and bring my sons Alex, Jeff and daughter Camille. See ya soon.
Date Posted: 10-21-03

Pat Preble
City/State: San Francisco, CA
Message: The common ancestor of the Prebles in America is Abraham Preble who traveled with the Men of Kent from England in 1636 to Scituate, Plymoutah Colony. There is a book in the Sutro Library in San Francisco titled "The First Three Generations of Prebles in America" and includes the revolutionary war diaries of Brigadiere General Jedediah Preble who fought with George Washington against the British. The Prebles moved from Normandy province, France to England in the 16th century and the name in France was Preville. Preble is an anglicized version of the original French. All of the Prebles in America are descended from Abraham Preble. So, HELLO COUSINS! ALL OF YOU
Date Posted: 10-03-03

Message: It looks interesting. Thanks.
Date Posted: 08-13-03

Joe Preble
Date Posted: 08-11-03

Randy Preble
City/State: Columbus, OH
Message: I grew up north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. where my father and grandparents lived. My grandparents were from Wisconsin and I believe Edward Preble was a distant uncle of ours. Had no idea there was a Preble, N.Y. Ohio has the Preble County named after the Commadore as well.
Date Posted: 06-27-03

Marie Roundy
City/State: Preble NY
Message: I have lived in Preble since 1986. Its a great place to live!
If anyone needs help with clerical, data entry, or wordprocessing, I am available. Looking for work at home job.Thanks!
Date Posted: 05-16-03

Jim Piedmont
City/State: CA
Message: Loved it there as a young boy. Lived on Song lake for some years. Lots of great memories, great friends Chip, Pat, Fred, John, Sue, three mile walk to the gas station for the boat. For all those who love to watch a moon rise Song Lake is the place.
Date Posted: 05-05-03

Steve Nesbitt
City/State: Fort Collins, CO
Message: My family is originally from Cuyler and Moravia, now in Cortland and Chenango Forks. I've moved on to be a Ph.D. researcher at Colorado State Univ., but have great memories as a kid of attending the chicken and biscuit dinners in Preble. Kudos on the web site!
Cheers, Steve
Date Posted: 05-05-03

Richard Preble
City/State: Putnam, CT
Message: My relatives settled in Maine in the 1700's. One relative
was the first Mayor of York, Me. Another relative was the Commodore
of Old Iron Sides ( Commodore Edward Preble ). Hope to drive to Preble, NY soon.
Date Posted: 05-01-03

Jeff Preble
City/State: Jacksonville, FL
Message: Looks like a neat town. I have traced my ancestory back to the Commodore and will have to visit some day. While I grew up in Virginia, most of the Preble origins are in Maine.
Date Posted: 04-18-03

MJ Guy Electric
City/State: Scott NY
Message: What a wonderful website!!! We live in Scott but the town as we understand is in the process of doing a website. This looks very nice! Best Regards, Mike & Jerri Ann Guy
Date Posted: 03-26-03

Mike J. Preble
City/State: Excelsior, MN
Message: My sister, Pat, lives in San Fransisco. She kept getting phone calls for a Pat Preble from people she never knew. As it turned out there was/is another Pat Preble in San Fransisco. The two met and the second Pat brought a family history that traced her ancestry to three Preble brothers who landed in the East in something like the late 1700's and apparently we're all somewhat related. Now if you would happen to have a hardware store called Mike's, all would be perfect and I'd have my next vacation destination. Bye.
Date Posted: 02-14-03

Melanie (Mosher) Schuetz
City/State: Stanhope, NJ
Message: I grew up in Preble and my dad still lives on Preble Road :) I think that this site is great! Stay warm up there!
Date Posted: 02-11-03

Terry Preble
City/State: Sullivan ME
Message: Well never knew there was a Preble New York...that's cool.
Date Posted: 02-10-03

K.D. Preble
City/State: Tucson, AZ
Message: My family is from the Buffalo area, and before that Lebanon, ME. Would love to find any relatives!
Date Posted: 01-28-03

John Preble
City/State: Temecula, CA
Date Posted: 01-13-03

Edward Morgan
City/State: Neenah,WI
Message: I think it's great that Preble has a website! I lived there off and on from 1966 to 1991 and it's a peaceful town to live in! Also belonged to the Preble Fire Dept.
Date Posted: 01-03-03

Pamela Kerzner
City/State: Santee,CA
Message: Does Preble have a historical/geneology society? It is not listed on your web site. GGGGGgrandparents lived there in early 1800's. Hopkins, Robert and wife Elsie, sons Robert, Thomas and James, unknown if more.
Date Posted: 01-03-03

Sarah (Preble) Chambers
City/State: Columbus, OH
Message: I found your website while searching for Preble family history. Your town sounds lovely and I definitely plan to visit!
Date Posted: 01-03-03

Chance Briggs
City/State: Islamabad, Pakistan
Message: My grandmother, Jane Hill, ran the post office in Little York for many years (and my aunt, Anne Henderson, works in the new Little York post office now). I remember wonderful canoeing on Little York Lake, great summer theatre (Cortland Reperatory Theatre, in which I was part of the cast of Oliver). I also worked for the summer amusement park when it was there, running the roller coaster and cooking burgers. Preble is a great place!
Date Posted: 12-17-02

Janice Sutton
City/State: Albany, GA
Message: A friend sent this site to my daughter {Karen} and she sent to me. This site is quite nice and I will be checking out the guestbook often to see who visits as I did see a few familiar names.
Date Posted: 12-09-02

Paul Gutchess
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: Paul Bunyan Products is glad to be a member of this fine community
Date Posted: 12-04-02

Barb (Barrows) Fields
City/State: Edgewater FL
Message: Hi It's me again. I understand my e-mail address wasn't working. Maybe this one will. I've been reading some of the mail and wondering why no one has answered. Drop me a line.
Date Posted: 11-15-02

Barb (Fox) Cooper
City/State: Clifton Springs, NY
Message: What a nice web site! Cousin Sue Whiteman told me to look for it. Have a lot of nice memories from growing up in Preble. My neighbors the Randalls and my cousins, the Baldwins on either side of our home. Chestnut fights and playing basket ball in Randall's barn on the top floor. Ice skating behind the fire station. Field Days! Memorial Day parades, lilac bouquets for the cemetary. We were a good bunch of kids. Didn't even do any damage on Halloween! Life was good in Preble:)
Date Posted: 11-3-02

Phala Harper
City/State: Boca Raton, FL
Message: Wonderfull site. I owned a home on East Homer Preble Road in the 70's and really miss the place, and the people. (Not the weather)Our home had a beautiful view and 5 acreas. My son attended Homer High and still has many friends in the area. I feel like I am still a country girl and kept the land after selling the house, in the hope of being able to return, at least for the summers. Finally sold it, since it seems I will never be in a position to make that dream come true. I have family in Port Crane so I can still visit. Your site is wonderful. Keep up the great work.
Date Posted: 9-30-02

Donald Preble
City/State: San Antonio, TX
Message: Having a town named after an ancestor is an honor and it is good that the town of Preble proudly presents itself here on the internet. I am from Maine where there are many Prebles and now live where there are few of us in the state. I appreciate the brief history of the naming of the town but ask that you consider adding this link to your web site. Some feel that he saved the American Navy in training many who served as the "Preble Boys"after he retired. Hope the cabbage crop was good this year. Don (formerly of Rochester)
Date Posted: 9-19-02

Brad Withers
City/State: Polkville, NY
Message: Lots of memories...I grew up just outside the town, but spent time working for the highway department under John Henry and then for the local park in a summer program for a couple of years. In my teen years I became a "raiser of caine" as many would probably remember. :o) As time does however, I outgrew all of that and chuckle now when I think back on it. It's also something I teach my kids not to do. Nice site, fantastic historical background. Would be interested in seeing more information about the town's history including old maps. The swamp was always of particular interest to me. Thanks for the memories Preble.
Date Posted: 9-09-02

Sheila Feliton-Huck
City/State: Cudahy, WI
Message: I am a Syracuse native and happened upon your site while surfing Central New York -- I am thinking of relocating "home." Preble site brought back many fond memories of Song Mountain in winter and "Sunday Drives" in summer.
Date Posted: 9-05-02

Yvonne Thorick
E-mail: vonree@webbtv
City/State: Seminole FL
Message: Hi, old friends I can close my eyes and smell the hay. Seeing the old school house, brought back many memories. Keep up the good work. Vonnie.
Date Posted: 8-29-02

Larry and Gloria (Clark) Ayers
City/State: Grottoes, VA
Message: Thanks to a Preble friend, we just checked out this web site, real good job. We have lots of fond memories and still have special friends and family in Preble.
Date Posted: 8-7-02

Jeff Corbin
City/State: Vestal, NY
Message: Hi. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am actively recruiting people for our foster parent program. I have sent a lot of information to the local churches within your area. If anyone would like to contact me on this subject you can reach me by email or by phone (607) 772-6783. I also like your web site very professional.
Date Posted: 7-31-02

Betty Spoor Jones
City/State: Binghamton, NY
Message: I was glad to see your web site. I am looking for information on a possible ancestor, Nicholas Spoor, born 1774 at Coxsackie and moved to Preble, where he died. He married Jane McMaster. Some of their children spelled their last name - Spore. If I came there would I be able to find any information on this family and where would I look?
Date Posted: 7-22-02

Bill Preble
City/State: Jupiter, FL
Message: Originally from Buffalo area, lived for a while in Syracuse. Been thru the town several times in 80's. Nice to find this site!!
Date Posted: 7-21-02

Phil Wetmore
City/State: Houston, TX
Message: Hello everyone there in Preble. I was born and lived there for more than 20 years. I even delivered the "Syracuse Hearld American" for many years. I have many fond memories of my years in Preble. My mom still owns the house there across from the cemetery entrance. I moved to the Houston area in 1985. I am an educator in a public school here. I would love to hear from other people there. The website is great! Thank you for putting it together.
Date Posted: 7-15-02

Denice L Whalen-Chase
City/State: Triangle VA
Message: I was born in Cortland in '73 and left a year later, Father lives in Preble, would love to visit someday it sounds great.
Date Posted: 6-30-02

Roger Barrows
City/State: Orlando, FL
Message: I was surfing the net and came upon this web site. I see my sister, Barb, beat me to it. The web page is outstanding. Hats off to you folks in Preble. My heart is still in Preble. Used to work for Bill VanPatten, the dairy farm and Bob Knapp on the cabbage farm when I was a kid. I used to work for Salisbury Fire Trucks in Tully. Would like to hear from some of you, so drop me a line.
Date Posted: 6-14-02

Bill Myers
City/State: West Jordan, UT
Message: I grew up in Binghamton, New York; my father's family lived in and around Fulton, New York. I have fond memories of family gatherings near the halfway point between our homes at Dwyer Memorial County Park in the 1960s. I was trying to recreate my boyhood family outings but could not find the park on a detailed AAA map of the greater Syracuse area or in previous internet searches. Thanks for providing some information about the park on your web site.
Date Posted: 6-05-02

Barb Barrows Fields
City/State: Edgewater, FL
Message: My brother Roger stumbled on the site. I use to live in Preble from 1958 until 1968 when I got married in the only church in town. The site is fabulous. Great job. Brought back many memories. From Girl Scouts, hanging with the gang, ice skating behind the firehouse and climbing up the hill and looking out over the valley with Fay Simmons, Barb Wetmore, Kathy Baldwin, Wendy Strong, Sharon Van Patten and others. Riding the school bus after home games. We lived in the big white house across the street from Woody's garage and Don Wright's store and motel. I too went to school for one year at the old school house. I remember alot of the people there. E-mail - love to hear from you.
Date Posted: 6-05-02

Douglas Snyder
City/State: Wilmington, DE
Message: What a treat to happen onto this web site. I lived in Preble as a young boy in 1957-59. My parents rented the big white house on the corner of 281 and the main road thru Preble. I went to the little two room schoolhouse that is now the town hall. My best friend was Warren Wroff (not sure of spelling). And I remember the "Fonzi" of that time being a guy called Buzzy Baldwin. Preble was a great place and I miss it.
Date Posted: 3-28-02

Homer Jackson
City/State: Cortland, NY
Message: Very professional website. Enjoyed my "visit" to beautiful downtown Preble!
Date Posted: 3-11-02

Deanna J. Preble
City/State: Norman OK 73026
Message: My husband Donald Wayne Preble, two sons and I visited Preble NY a few years ago. Dirk J. Preble, and Darrin J. Preble, sons.
Date Posted: 2-15-02

Ron Field
City/State: Round Lake, IL
Message: Hi to Preble, my Mom's home town. I spent many happy weekends there with my Grandparents, Dave and Frankie Woodmancy. Hope you're all weathering the Central NY winter OK. Chicago's been really mild this year. In fact, they're worried about moisture levels. Anyway, my best to Preble.
Date Posted: 2-14-02

Nancy J. Mueller
City/State: LaFayette, NY 13084
Message: I'm the former Cortland County Groundwater Management Coordinator and have recently taken over the duties as Manager of the NYS Federation of Lake Associations, Inc. which will soon be housed in LaFayette...just wondering what the Song and Tully Lake Associations are up to. They've been awfully "quiet" as of late. Don't miss the NYSFOLA conference May 3-5, 2002 at the White Eagle Conference Center in Hamilton.
Date Posted: 2-13-02

James Long
City/State: Bismarck, ND
Message: I was looking for Paul Bunyon
Date Posted: 1-28-02

Josh Preble
City/State: Harvey, ND
Message: Never been there to Preble but my last name is Preble
Date Posted: 1-24-02

Pamela Kerzner
City/State: San Diego, CA
Message: My gggreat grandfather lived in Preble, owned property there, and died there. His name was Robert Hopkins and wife was Elsie. His estate sold 60 acres, minus 18 acres for kin. Sons, Robert, Thomas, James(?) unknown if others. Auction was held at 1pm, April 30,1831 and sold to Martin Phelps, of Scott, for $181.00. Lot #25, subdiv 35 begin at southwest corner. Hopkins was a Rev War vet, 4th Artillery Reg of So. Carolina. I have probate and pension records. Where did wife go and where is Robert buried??? Pam
Date Posted: 1-9-02

Anne Henderson
City/State: Preble NY
Date Posted: 12-1-01

George Gaebler
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: Thanks for all the hard work keeping this site up and running.
Date Posted: 8-30-01

Mary Jo
City/State: Elmira NY
Message: Preble Rocks!!!!!
Date Posted: 6-23-01

Darryl & Shirl Haumann
City/State: Tully, NY ( mailing address )
Message: I am really impressed, very well organized. Would like to see the minutes of board meetings posted sooner if possible. Any way to post what's on the agenda for each month's meeting ? Thanks.
Date Posted: 6-18-01

Nancy Baldwin
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: Very befitting, professional.
Date Posted: 4-12-01

Terri Schuster
City/State: Tully NY
Message: Congratulations on the official web site, it is very informative.
Date Posted: 4-10-01

Linda Biemer
City/State: Binghamton, NY
Message: Nice job!
Date Posted: 4-05-01

Cathy Kinne
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: Very professional! Preble is a beautiful place!!!
Date Posted: 4-05-01

Dawn L. Lewis
City/State: Preble NY
Message: Very nice!
Date Posted: 4-04-01

Melissa Sarat
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: I love the site and the picture of our historic town hall. Good work!
Date Posted: 4-04-01

Edward E. Jenney
City/State: Preble, NY
Message: Great Job - wonderful site
Date Posted: 4-04-01

Sue Whiteman
City/State: Preble NY
Message: The site is very classy. Good job and keep it up.
Date Posted: 4-04-01

Frank Hogg
City/State: Preble NY
Message: Congratulations!
Date Posted: 3-31-01