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History of Preble: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Cortland County NY for 1869

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The Boulder

A World War Memorial was erected on Memorial Day, May 30, 1937, in memory of Mark J. McCauliffe and to the men of Preble who served in World War I. For many years, the people in town had sought some kind of memorial. The Preble Firemen re-awakened the interest and members of the Town Board, led by Supervisor Elmer J. Anderson, began the labor of creating a memorial. It was a huge boulder moved from West Hill, a distance of more than a mile. A bronze plaque was attached with the names of the Preble war veterans.

Glen VanPatten, head of the town veterans and members of the Burns-McCauliffe Post in Homer arranged the ceremony. The parade formed in front of the Preble school and moved to the cemetery for ceremonies honoring the dead. Then it returned to the boulder where the dedication took place. Following World War II, a similar plaque was attached with the names of the veterans from that war. Glen VanPatten was a veteran of both wars and his name appears on both plaques.

In May, 1983, a tree was planted in honor to those town veterans who served in the Korean War and Vietnam. A custom that started with the first observance honoring veterans continues today... all children and parade participants are treated to ice cream at the end of the parade.