Preble NY

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History of Preble: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Cortland County NY for 1869

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Building Schools

Education was very important to our early townspeople. As soon as a small settlement was established, a school was soon built. The eastern part of town was more heavily populated at first and the earliest school was built in 1801 on East Hill. A total of eleven districts were operating in many areas of the town.

Preble Town HallAs the town grew, a larger more modern building was erected on Preble Road. Several smaller schools closed and the pupils went to the bigger village school until it closed in 1906. A new school was then built in the center of town. This later centralized with the Homer School District and operated until 1954. Today it houses the post office and town offices. It continues to be painted red and is a gathering place and pictoral part of the town.