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History of Preble: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Cortland County NY for 1869

Town Facts

Local History

The First Settlers

Preble consists of 28 tracts of land which were given to soldiers of the Revolution in lieu of money for service during the war. James Cravith came by foot from Pompey in 1795. He stood on East Hill and saw swampy and dense forest land below in the valley. Cravith didn't like what he saw and went back to Pompey Hill. However, the next year he returned and built the first home (a log cabin) on East Hill.

In 1796 John Gill came over the hill from Scott and settled on West Hill. The first town meeting was held in his home when the town organized. From 1800 the area became populated with people from the Hudson Valley. Land was cleared and farming became the main occupation. Preble Corners, Baltimore, Preble Center, Slab City, Dutch Street, Bennett Hollow are areas of the town where groups of people settled. Preble was originally a part of Tully in Onondaga County.

On April 8, 1808, it separated from Tully and became the northern border of newly formed Cortland County. The population of Preble in 1825 was 1327. The town was named for Commodore Edward Preble, a gallant naval hero of The Barbary Wars.