Preble NY

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History of Preble: Gazetteer and Business Directory of Cortland County NY for 1869

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What happened years ago?

1804 — Preble Congregational Church UICC

1812 — Preble's first Post Office located in Little Baltimore

1865 — Preble Hotel was built

1868 — Elmwood Cemetery was organized

1885 — Perry Haynes planted the first acre of cabbage in Preble. This was also the first acre of cabbage planted in Cortland County.

1927 — The Boulder was dedicated on Memorial Day for World War I veterans. At the end of World War II a plaque was added to honor those veterans. Glen Van Patten's name is on both plaques.

1928 — Preble Fire District leased land to house fire equipment

1930 — Preble Fire Department was formed

1940 — Preble Milk Cooperative was organized.

1954 — Preble Fire Department Auxiliary was formed with 38 active members.

1983 — Present Charlie Randall Barber Shop opened.