Preble NY

Preble Maps

Maps are all posted as pdf files.

Cortland County Gas Leases and Gas Drilling Prohibited Areas (1.7mb)

HPS Housing Age (602k)

Preble Agricultural District (234k)

Preble Agricultural Prioritization Areas and Zoning (190k)

Preble Aquifer (217k)

Preble Farmland Importance (430k)

Preble Farms with Conservation Easements (167k)

Preble Gravel Mining (309k)

Preble Land Use, Land Cover and Tenure (223k)

Preble Land Use, Land Cover and Zoning (247k)

Preble Natural Gas Leases (181k)

Preble Topography and Hydrography (1.3mb)

Preble Zoning (186k)