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Preble Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan

Towns of Homer, Preble and Scott Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan Executive Summary

Towns of Homer, Preble and Scott Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan


In 2007 the Towns of Homer, Preble and Scott discussed applying to New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets for funding to develop a Joint Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan (AFPP) focusing on protecting farmland in the Towns of Homer, Preble and Scott. It was discovered that only two towns could be on a single application. At that point the one application was made for Homer and Scott and a second application was made for Preble. The two applications were awarded funding in 2008. The purpose of the plan is for the community to document the importance of local farms, challenges facing local farmers and develop strategies that the three towns can implement including drafting language revisions to each town’s zoning and subdivision ordinances.

This AFPP is a report on the state of agriculture in the Towns of Homer, Preble and Scott today and a template for the future of agriculture for the three towns. It provides a snapshot of various economic data as well as data on land and soil resources, regulatory issues and trends in agriculture and land use.

The AFPP contains a number of recommendations for action by the three towns both regionally as three towns and as individual towns when appropriate. In addition there are recommendations that others in the community can undertake to promote the long-term viability of agriculture in the three town region.

Agriculture is closely connected with the history of the Towns of Homer, Preble and Scott. Local municipal support for agriculture has often been informal as the Town Board and other boards and committees have farmer representation on them. The AFPP will now formalize each town’s support of agriculture both in the town and in the three town region from this point forward.


Proposed Timeline for Completion (2012):

February: Committee review and set draft plan implementation
March: Provide the Towns with the revised draft plan for comment and public review
April: Hold public meeting for comment on the draft plan revisions (at least one meeting per town) and submit the plan to Cortland County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board
May: Revision of Plan from public comment and Cortland Co AFPB comment
June: Present Final Plan to Towns in preparation of formal adoption
July: Final Plan adoption by Towns
August: Submit to the Commissioner of Agriculture for approval
Outreach After approval is received, an outreach event will be planned to distribute copies of the executive summary.


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