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Preble Gateway Concept Community Survey

Preble Gateway Concept IllustrationThrough funding from NYSERDA’s Climate Smart Program, the Town of Preble has an opportunity to participate in a community planning effort focused on identifying the community’s vision for the future and the goals of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

This is an opportunity for the Town of Preble community to participate in planning and guiding its future based on the Community’s desires and vision for land use, development, conservation lands, and trails. Please take this community survey and register your thoughts and ideas. Grass Roots Committee Contact: Jay Currie at

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Illustration of Concept Plan

Illustration - Existing Conditions



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If an “ideal” development solution (for the community as a whole) could be located at a site at the I81 exit to Preble, what might that development be?


What are your favorite characteristics of Preble?
rural landscape
working farms
historic buildings
peace and quiet
recreational opportunities
community ties
Other favorite characteristic:


What are your least favorite characteristics about Preble?
noise issues
distance from, grocery or other services
employment issues
Other least favorite characteristic:


What changes would you like to see in Preble?