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AgModels is a small private company dedicated to the exploration, evaluation and implementation of advanced information technologies in support of improving agricultural productivity worldwide.

For the past 20 years, AgModels has been developing data-to-decision applications that apply nutritional models for dairy cows to the day-to-day operations of dairy farms throughout the Northeast and Great Lakes region to try to maximize output for the producer at the least cost, preserve the health of the animals and lessen the environmental impact of dairy operations.


AgModels was originally founded in 1999 by Mike Barry, and was registered as a New York State limited liability company in August 2004. The company has been operating as a scientific research, information technology and agricultural consulting business continuously since that time.

Our cornerstone product is Dairy Prophet®, a suite of applications to measure and manage the operations of a dairy farm, providing real-time feedback to producers to enable them to operate their enterprises more efficiently.

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PO Box 995, Tully 13159